I swear I’m doomed!

Turns out that low carbing isn’t as good for me as I would have thought.  In my case it’s triggered a situation of IBS.  Replacing carbohydrates with lettuce has just irritated my system – the GP believes it may be the fact that my gallbladder has been removed – my body can’t cope with the extra roughage that this style of diet creates (sorry for the TMI!), so goes into spasm.  I’m now on tablets to control this until my body sorts itself out.Lettuce

So… changing my diet isn’t a good idea – although I’m still going on with the portion control.  It does seem that the only solution is to up my exercise/movement.  My next step (once my pain is back down to normal levels) is to look into local fitness classes.  Preferably ones where I can hide at the back to cover up my unco-ordinated flailing about!

However on the bright side, I have lost another 3lb this week (10 lbs in total since I started); cutting out food for a few days will do that to a girl.  Rest assured though, that diet is one that I’m hoping not to have to do again!

I’ve run out of batteries!

Stood on the scales this morning – and got a completely blank readout.  Not a good start to the day!

So, in lieu of posting my weight, I’ll post today about what I’ve been eating; which is actually a whole lot more that I thought that I would be able to eat.  In general, I’ve been using salad to fill up holes – I can eat a whole bag of lettuce for less calories than a slice of bread (or a biscuit!), and I’ve been trying to do that.

Things like if I’m having chilli for dinner I’ll skip the oodles of rice I’d normally have eaten, and instead have it in a wrap with loads of salad, tomatoes and peppers.  That way I’m still having carbs, but it’s no longer the main focus of my meal.

That said, I still have things like bangers and mash with the family – but the sausages are baked/grilled on a rack and the mash is made with semi-skimmed milk instead of oodles of butter.  Okay, some butter – I’m only human!  Other things that have helped is finding out that housework actually burns calories.  So I’ve been doing ironing for half an hour and I know that I’ve burnt 70 calories.  I also throw in some squats while I’m doing it to break the monotony!

Will I have lost weight?  I honestly don’t know.
I’d hope so, but I don’t feel different in my clothes, so if I’ve lost anything, it will be a very small amount.  Again this is due to feeling crappy and flu-ey, but as the worst is past, I’m hoping to build in exercise again.  51HjjCWUo2L

Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred seems a good place to start as I have the DVD in the rack along with a few others of hers, so I’ll try that!

Will update with weight tomorrow morning when I’ve got the batteries fitted!

And we’re off… again!

So, it’s not been a full week, only something like three days, but I’ve lost 3 lbs already.  Okay, so three days isn’t a great measure, and some of that is probably just daily fluctuation, but it still feels damn good.

I’m off work sick today sadly, and normally I’d be lying on the sofa feeling sorry for myself while munching chocolate; but that 3 lb loss is just enough for me to go “nope, I want to carry on losing weight” and refrain from hunting out my son’s Christmas chocs.  May have to make a run to the fridge for some carrots/tomatoes though as I can feel the hunger pangs creeping in.

Portion control is going well so far; using lots of vegetables, lettuce and tomatoes to fill me up seems to be working.  Our plates are quite large, but they have a nice large blue border, so I’m keeping my food on the white plate and leaving the blue untouched for dinner, while for lunch, I’m using a side plate.  My husband is a bit grumpy with the smaller portions, but using large amounts of vegetables seems to keep him happy-ish – it may do him good as well!

On advice from others, I’ve also cut down on my carbohydrate intake and upped my protein, so rather than a sandwich I’m doing an omelette, actually in my case, the omelette is more like scrambled eggs, with a few slices of lean ham and tomatoes thrown in, and I’ve swapped out a bit of toast for oatcakes.

Exercise was going fine until yesterday when the cold/flu kicked in, and I started and gave up within nano-seconds, but as I’m logging all my food (and not cheating!) I can compensate by reducing my calorie intake.  I know from doing the 5:2 diet that I need 1808 calories  to maintain my weight (see here for how this works), so anything below that should result in weight loss.  As I’m using My Fitness Pal (MFP) to log my intake, it suggests that I take in 1200 calories a day to lose weight; this isn’t a huge amount really, but with MFP it bases it on a completely sedentary lifestyle (AKA sitting down all day), so any exercise I actually do will increase my allowances – 30 minutes of housework/cleaning gives me about 100 calories – that’s almost a single Twix finger!

I await next week with interest!

Right, here I go again!

Christmas was a BIG failure for me.  I’m actually heavier now than I was when I first started this blog.  I’m 13stone.

To be fair, I know that the majority of this is due to not being well and having no energy with the anaemia; but it’s still a kick in the teeth.

So, here begins another day.

I’m setting myself a goal of 1lb a week.  I’m cutting down on alcohol, fizzy drinks and general crap; not cutting them out, just not stuffing myself every day.

Onwards and slimwards…

Help! It’s been six months…

Since my last post!

Sincere apologies, but life, and my health took over.

I developed anaemia (quite severe actually!) possibly as a consequence of the dieting and changing my eating habits.  Turns out that I’m fairly sensitive to iron tablets as well, so trying to find a balance that doesn’t overdose me on iron, but equally deals with the anaemia has been challenging to say the least.

Now I’m no longer anaemic, but I do have <a title=”Non Anaemic Iron Deficiency” href=”http://www.patient.co.uk/doctor/Non-Anaemic-Iron-Deficiency.htm”>non-anaemic iron deficiency</a> so that’s a whole new challenge.  The net result has been tiredness.  Overwhelming and horrible tiredness.  And when I’m taking iron to try to solve this issue, my body doesn’t seem to want to absorb the iron as it’s not anaemic.

Either way, it’s put a definite spoke in the wheel of weightloss.  And it has discouraged me to blog as I suspect that no-one would be interested in “Tired.  Went to bed.” posts!

However, I’m on a reasonably even keel again (at least until the next set of tests), so I’m hoping to get back into the weight loss again.  I don’t think (due to the non-anaemic iron deficiency) that I’ll be trying the 5:2 fasting again, the doctor has definitely advised against it, and I’m not inclined to go against medical advice.

So as from Monday 6th January, I’ll be having another weigh in, and hopefully a new exercise programme with new targets that are easier and gentler on my body.

Until then, have a lovely festive period and a happy new year!

Testing out a theory

This week has been a very busy and stressful week with work – don’t ask me why, but it’s not been great.  Anyway, I knew that I wouldn’t feel the greatest, or cope the best with fasting on stressful days, so I decided to test the “maintain” function of the 5:2 diet.

Part of the benefit of this way of life is that you need to eat what you need in terms of calories on non-fast days to get maximum benefits.

Your “Total Daily Energy Expenditure” (TDEE), quantifies the number of calories you burn in a day.  This measure is best estimated by scaling your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) to your level of activity.  There is a lovely website here to help you work this out.

Based on my current weight and mainly sedentary lifestyle, my TDEE works out at 1808 calories per day, so that is what I’ve been trying to achieve for the whole week – even on the stressful days.

I’m pleased to report that I’ve managed this (even having  been out with family for a three course meal!), and funnily enough, my weight has remained at the same level as last week – well, technically I’ve lost 0.2lb, but I’m not getting into the whole decimal places for weighing myself.

Certainly it bodes well for my holidays, as I now have a rough idea of what I can eat and still maintain my weight loss.  Now if only I can factor in a few glasses of wine!

Life throws a spanner in the works!

It’s been over two weeks since my last blog post – sorry about that!

The main reason has been a nasty bout of food poisoning which has meant that life has been revolving around plain food and definitely no fasting days as my body wasn’t fit to cope with it.  It has also meant higher calorie foods to build my strength back up – and also my go-to drink when I’m ill, which is Irn-Bru and which was the only thing that I wanted to drink.  Definitely not a weight loss incentive!



However, this week I’ve been slowly moving into more normal eating, and I’m ready to go fast days again. 

Still, despite the high calorie foods, I’ve still managed to lose a pound over the two weeks, so it can’t all  have been bad!

Monday again.

Didn’t get to post on Friday due to hectic happenings, but I am please to report that another pound has fallen from the scales, bring me down to 12 stones exactly (or 76.2kg).


Today is another fast day as it’s work day again; even though there was a little bit of an issue getting ready this morning.

Suffice to say that my work trousers are held up by a safety pin as without it, they would be round my ankles due to the weight loss.   I can see the weight coming off my face and body – I may even have cheekbones again in the near future which I can highlight with cosmetics.  It also makes me more determined to build in exercise to my daily way of life.

Over the weekend, I did treat myself to a chinese takeaway, so we’ll see what that does to the diet next Friday weigh in; but the bonus was that I didn’t feel unhappy ordering the food – I just thought that I’d like to eat a chinese meal, so I will.  Sunday was a nice simple salad to compensate for this though.

It’s much easier for me to deal with this way of life by looking at the week as a whole – so some days will be more loaded up than others – and I can deal with this concept now; it’s not a diet, it is a WAY OF LIVING that makes sense to me, doesn’t restrict the foods that I do want to eat, and in general, seems to be making me happy!


The discontent is setting in…

Chocolate Cake

I’ve been on this diet for about 2 weeks now and, true to form, my discontent is starting to show.

I did a fast on Friday and had a blow out as planned on Saturday.  Unfortunately, as a consequence of too much rich food and possibly too much alcohol on the Saturday, I had an upset stomach on the Sunday and thus ended up doing an impromptu fast.

I should have fasted on Monday, but given that my stomach was only just getting back to normal, I elected to have a normal day, and the same again yesterday.

Now I should be fasting today, and I am, but I am really fantasising about a large slab of chocolate cake.  Rich and gooey, with possibly some strawberries to go alongside it.

English: Chocolate cake with chocolate frostin...

Chocolate Cake! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

However, I am resisting so far.  Work is helping as always, as I am busy, but I am getting a bit scared that I’m letting things slip slightly.
I’m not logging things as assiduously on MFP (My Fitness Pal), but then, I know that I can eat what I want (within reason), so I’m choosing to look at this as me trying to get myself accustomed to reaclimatise myself to what “normal” portions should be.  If I’m not losing weight this week (or maintaining my loss), then I need to revisit my food quantities – or at least be more honest with myself.
Having said that, I do challenge anyone to eat a bowl of the recommended 30g portion of cereal without thinking it is a bit meagre in quantity!

However, I will be doing another fast day on Friday so that I do have two “proper” fast days for the week; Sunday I’ll just count as a bonus (although I don’t think that is really the right word!)