I swear I’m doomed!

Turns out that low carbing isn’t as good for me as I would have thought.  In my case it’s triggered a situation of IBS.  Replacing carbohydrates with lettuce has just irritated my system – the GP believes it may be the fact that my gallbladder has been removed – my body can’t cope with the extra roughage that this style of diet creates (sorry for the TMI!), so goes into spasm.  I’m now on tablets to control this until my body sorts itself out.Lettuce

So… changing my diet isn’t a good idea – although I’m still going on with the portion control.  It does seem that the only solution is to up my exercise/movement.  My next step (once my pain is back down to normal levels) is to look into local fitness classes.  Preferably ones where I can hide at the back to cover up my unco-ordinated flailing about!

However on the bright side, I have lost another 3lb this week (10 lbs in total since I started); cutting out food for a few days will do that to a girl.  Rest assured though, that diet is one that I’m hoping not to have to do again!

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