Starting all over again!

It’s been quite a few years since I started this blog.  Then gave up.  Then restarted.  Then gave up.  You get the general idea!  Now I’m starting all over again.  I’ve deleted all the old content, and am going to start at the very beginning.


Not me, but the image is appropriate!

This blog will be about me, and my decision to change things about myself.

Firstly, I need to lose weight and tone up.  This is a school holiday week, so I can’t start now (not a terribly good excuse, but doing things with a younger child isn’t the easiest), however I can plan and work out what I’m going to do.  Food, exercise and general health options to make myself feel and definitely look better.

Secondly, my home.  It’s lovely, but having moved last year, I’m still prevaricating and not getting things done.  Mainly because I’m (hopefully temporarily) unemployed, so I feel like I have all the time in the world so I’m just putting things off in favour of watching Sky Box Sets – which has a knock on effect on my first option above re my weight.

Thankfully, I’m now near family so I can hopefully persuade them to help me out over the coming few months, as I suspect I’ll need all the help I can get so I don’t fall back into old habits.

I honestly don’t expect anyone to read this, but at least if it’s out there, I can pretend people are cheering me on and then I will maybe succeed!


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