Today is the first day – and I’ve failed already…

However, this time I’m not going to accept that as an excuse.

Last night, I decided that I’d set my alarm earlier, get up and go for a “run”.
Okay, not really a run, more of a brisk walk to get my heart rate up, blood pumping, and all the good things you need to do.  There is no way I’d ever attempt a run at this point as I’m too unfit to do anything like that without collapsing into a huge sweaty heap.

Then, when my alarm went off this morning, my son (who had had a nightmare) was wrapped round me tightly as if his sleep depended on me.  Which, to be fair, it probably did for him.  So, I elected to stay in bed and let him sleep.

So, yes, I “failed”.  Except I haven’t.  I’ve offered reassurance to one of the people who matters most to me in this world and made them happier.  That’s not a failure.  So I can’t look at it that way.  What I need to do is look at my day today and work out what I need to do and what I need to move about to make exercise happen.

Now, as I may have mentioned, I’m not working at the moment.  My son is in school from 9am until 4.30pm due to after school activities.  I therefore have (allowing for travel time) 7 hours in which to do things.  And, what do I need to do?

  • washing – and the machine does all of that
  • cut the grass – before gnomes move in and set up home
  • do random unspecified “stuff” which I won’t end up doing because it’s too much hassle, I have no motivation, and I have so much time because I’m not working so I can put it off.

You see how I might fit some exercise in there?  What I actually mean is that someone might see me and laugh, so it’s easier not to do it at all.

Remember when you were at school and had PE class?  If you’re short with little physical aptitude then it is, quite frankly, a whole new circle of hell that Dante hadn’t even thought about.  The boys laugh at the girls and then the girls pick on the weakest.  Being honest, while no one ever deserves to be picked on, I didn’t help myself much either.  Openly liking classical music, superheroes (I was a geek long before it became popular) and not knowing what Radio 1 was (NB: if non UK residents are reading this, in the early 80’s Radio 1 was THE station to listen to because it played the top 40) and wearing clothes that my mother liked.   So, I was the weakest link and got laughed at…  and that only encouraged me to try to get out of PE and not do any exercise.

Getting up early was my way of trying to avoid being laughed at.  At 5am, there are very few people awake enough to notice a short, fat and sweaty woman trying to leg it about the place.  However, it’s not going to stop me.  I can’t run today, but I can stick on an exercise DVD instead.  Therefore, once the school run is done, it’s pilates for me, and then I might even cut the grass!


One thought on “Today is the first day – and I’ve failed already…

  1. Plz don’t be your self up….if ppl see you out there walking great at lest you are doing somthing. If you are having hard time getting up like me. I put one alarm next to me and my radio alarm in my living room loud say at 7am…but then again have it set at 7:05.

    Got to find your self little tricks. If you struggle to walk go out for 20 mins easy walk do that 3 days a week one rest day….then do it for 25 mins same thing. Just keep building your self up when you find it easy. It’s hard work I was 220lbs now down to 171.6 lbs. you can do this…who cares what ppl thing remember you are doing it for you and your son.

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