Why I’m not tracking my weightloss

The last time I started this blog, I carefully posted my weight, my weight loss in lbs and kgs and my new weight.  Oh, and the reasons why I hadn’t lost as much as the week before, or more than I lost a fortnight ago.photo

This time, I’ve decided that I am not going near a set of scales.

Instead I will say that, on average, I’m a size 16 and I’m 5ft 2 inches tall.  The on average is because, like many women, my size depends on where I go shopping and the style of the clothes I am buying.  I have very large thighs, chunky calves and a larger than average chest measurement.  There is no way in the world I will ever get into a pair of skinny jeans.  That’s just not who I am destined to be.

What I want is to look in the mirror, or at a photograph of me and think “yeah, not bad” as opposed to my current feeling of “aargh” and “delete that”.  It struck me this week that there are very few photographs of my son and I together (other that studio portraits).  Lots of other family and friends, but I’m always behind the lens, and I’d like that to stop.  I also don’t want my son to feel as I did growing up.  My mother always hid from the camera and that mindset has become normal to me.  While I will never be the type of person that likes taking selfies, I’m determined I won’t be the type of person who disappears from view.

So, size 16 this month – next month…  who knows!